It takes great grapes to make great wine. Our focus is in the vineyard, and only the best goes into every bottle. Hillebrand is pure winemaking, in every sense.

It takes a wine maker who knows each barrel of wine so well he can tell you about the unique aromas and flavours of each. It takes a winery with state-of-the-art equipment that gives the winemaker the best tools with which to work.

The winemaker will say that the wine is made in the vineyard, the growers will say that the winemaker does all the work while everyone respects Mother Natures role.

At Hillebrand, we are proud of the unique geography and climate of the Niagara Peninsula and work closely with local growers to produce wines with a ‘regional taste’. Our winemaking philosophy is to respect the classic character of each grape variety in this great wine region. Please, enjoy the taste and take pleasure from wines of Hillebrand.

For more information please visit us at Hillebrand Winery.